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Popular sights of Saint Petersburg is a subjective concept, so on this page, the website presents 10 popular attractions of Saint-Petersburg and at the same time, 10 of the best attractions of St. Petersburg. Every year St. Petersburg is visited by more than five million people, and the number of people wishing to visit Venice of the North is growing steadily. Numerous sights of St. Petersburg included in the list of world heritage of UNESCO. You can highlight the TOP 10 most popular attractions in St. Petersburg.


1. Hermitage or Winter Palace

The state Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg is the main attraction of Saint Petersburg, located in the heart of the city, in the historical centre of St. Petersburg. The Hermitage of St. Petersburg is also known as the Winter Palace, the Imperial residence of the members of the Royal families for more than three centuries of history of St. Petersburg.

Palaces's square in Saint-Petersburg

2. Palaces's square in Saint-Petersburg

Palace square in St. Petersburg. All the roads of St. Petersburg meet at Palace square in St. Petersburg. Palace square is surrounded by attractions of St. Petersburg: Winter Palace, Peter and Paul fortress, the Admiralty, St. Isaac's Cathedral, Marble Palace, the Savior on blood and many others. Palace square in Saint Petersburg attracts millions of tourists, including in order to get into the priceless archives of the Winter Palace.

Spas na Krovi StPetersburg

3. Spas na Krovi

The Savior on blood not only the main sights of St. Petersburg, but also one of the most beautiful places of Saint-Petersburg and all over the world. Skilled dome, a kind of bulblets on spilled blood is seen almost on all sides of the historic center of St. Petersburg. The Savior on blood not only temple, the landmark of the city, but the greatest monument, as it was built on the site of the death of the Russian Emperor Alexander II (Alexander II). A very beautiful place on the canal a few meters from the metro station Nevsky prospect and other popular sights of the Petersburg.

Photos of St. Isaac's Cathedral, St. Petersburg

4. St. Isaac's Cathedral, St. Petersburg

St. Isaac's Cathedral on St. Isaac's square in Saint Petersburg is a very beautiful and popular among Russian and foreign tourists. St. Isaac's Cathedral is the center of attraction of St. Petersburg is attractive as a priceless monument of architecture, sculpture and painting in St. Petersburg. From the colonnade of St. Isaac's Cathedral with unique views of St. Petersburg and the surrounding area.

Photo of the bronze horseman, St. Petersburg

5. Monument to Peter 1 in Saint-Petersburg, the bronze horseman

The bronze horseman is a monument to the founder of St. Petersburg Peter the great. The bronze horseman is situated behind St. Isaac's Cathedral across the Neva river embankment in Saint Petersburg. This unique landmark of St. Petersburg attracts the attention of millions of tourists from all over Russia and around the world.

Photo Kazan Cathedral, St. Petersburg

6. Kazan Cathedral, St. Petersburg

Kazan Cathedral in St. Petersburg is located directly on Nevsky Prospekt, almost opposite of the Savior on blood and close of the book. Also opposite the Kazan Cathedral is a cozy garden with benches and a large green. In the garden in front of the Kazan Cathedral in the summer included a fountain, which is so very refreshing in the searing heat and allows a little rest from the exciting sightseeing of the Northern Capital of Russia.

Summer park in StPetersburg

7. Summer park in StPetersburg

Summer garden in St. Petersburg is numerous sculptures, fountains and stunning the air in the center of St. Petersburg, the parent land of the Russian emperors and empresses, known in world history. A summer garden is another popular attraction of St. Petersburg and, by the way, not only Petersburg, but also around the world, after the Summer the garden is visited by millions of tourists from around the world.

Photo Petropalovskaya fortress, St. Petersburg

8. Petropalovskaya fortress

Peter and Paul fortress is the center of attraction of St. Petersburg. Spire of Peter and Paul Cathedral located in the fortress, dominates St. Petersburg at the height of 122,5 meters and is visible from many areas of the city. On the territory of the Peter and Paul fortress you can visit the numerous museums in the fortress, including the prison, the Peter and Paul Cathedral and walk along the high wall of the fortress.

Arrow V. O. St. Petersburg

9. Arrow V. O. St. Petersburg

Vasilievsky island is a complex of buildings on the Eastern tip of Vasilyevsky island in the form of a half circle. On the spit of Vasilievsky island, Rostral columns are located; in addition to the arrow of Vasilyevsky island offers superb views of the Admiralty, St. Isaac's Cathedral, Winter Palace, Peter and Paul fortress and numerous drawbridges of St. Petersburg. The best pictures of St. Petersburg can be done here.

Palaces's Bridge in Saint-Petersburg

10. Palaces's Bridge in Saint-Petersburg

If You come to St. Petersburg for one day and have the opportunity to spend the night on the banks of the Neva, You'll love bridge. In St. Petersburg very mnogoatomnykh bridges. The bridges occurs during the period of river navigation from late April to mid-November. The Palace bridge, the almost, the main bridge in the historic centre of the city and gathered around him numerous sights known to everyone. The raising of the bridges in St. Petersburg best observed from the surface of the Neva, that is one of the many ships coming to the expanses of the Neva river every hour. To see drawbridges in St. Petersburg a must!

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