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Arrow of Vasilyevsky Island in Saint-Petersburg

Arrow Vasilevsky Island - an architectural ensemble on Exchange Square in St. Petersburg. The ensemble includes Exchange Square, the Stock Exchange building, two rostral columns and granite embankment, connects the Palace with the Exchange bridge in St. Petersburg.

Photo Arrow of Vasilyevsky Island

Photo Arrow of Vasilyevsky Island.

Arrow of Vasilyevsky Island - not only architectural ensemble, but also scenic attractions of St. Petersburg. The beauty of the ensemble Arrows VO You can contemplate in the photo above. In the center of the frame Exchange Square with the same trees, reaching each other, merging into a continuous thread of green foliage. For graceful trees hiding the pedestrian part of the Bourse with comfortable benches and a comfortable descent to the shores of the Big and Small Neva, formed from a wide Neva. By the way, the name of the described attractions of St. Petersburg is derived from the fact that the Exchange cape like an arrow over the Neva divides into two streams. Now lined with vegetation and trees cape has been created artificially in 1830 by extension deep into the Neva flow by as much as 100 meters line Rostral columns. Rostral columns - a monument dedicated to the victorious battles of the Russian people, erected in 1810. The height of each Rostral column - 32 meters. Inside each one is a steep spiral staircase leading to the top of the column area, where is a massive bowl. Here in the XIX century, poured oil and set on fire, and in 1957 the cup was summed gas. Since that time, the fire on the top of the Rostral colonnades lights during the holidays.

Photo panorama Exchange Square with the Neva.

Photo panorama Exchange Square with the Neva.

To get to the Arrow of Vasilyevsky Island, you can take the subway, getting to the metro station Vasileostrovskaya, Sport or Admiralty.

Description of the Arrow of Vasilyevsky Island

The first mention of this place belongs to the city on the Neva in 1718. While the Russian Emperor Peter the Great conferred the beautiful ensemble in the future status of the city's main square. In 1810 there was built the Stock Exchange building, which is part of the St. Petersburg port and erected by architect Jean Thomas de Thomon. Just the same after the end of its construction Doric columns have been set, decorated with bronze images of ships. Note that when translated from Latin, the nose of the ship - a rostrum. So the secret is disclosed the names of the Rostral Columns, the final architectural ensemble of the Arrow of Vasilyevsky Island in St. Petersburg.

Photo Rostral column on the Arrow of Vasilyevsky Island

Photo Rostral column on the Arrow of Vasilyevsky Island.

Arrow Vasilevsky Island in 1832 was complemented by the construction of buildings Customs and bonded warehouses on both sides of the Stock Exchange building.

Photo Stock Exchange building and neighboring buildings that have survived to the present day.

Photo Stock Exchange building and neighboring buildings that have survived to the present day.

The photograph on the left of the Stock Exchange building with columns is the St. Petersburg Institute of Zoology and Museum. On the right side of the Central Exchange is soil-geographical name Dokuchaeva museum, incidentally, is the only one in the world! Hidden from view in this picture Customs building, located behind the museum Dokuchaeva Makarov embankment, 4 today operates as the Institute of Russian Literature. The main attraction of the Spit of Vasilyevsky Island - Building Exchange - is the Central Naval Museum, St. Petersburg.

White night in Saint-Petersburg

The photo. White night in Saint-Petersburg, 06.08.2013 at 23:33.

The photograph photographed white night starting at St. Petersburg and Strelka of Vasilyevsky Island. The photo was taken from the Palace Embankment and captures from left to right: the Stock Exchange building, a chapel and dome Prince Vladimir Cathedral on the Petrograd side, rostral column.

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