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Palace Square in St. Petersburg

Place: Palace Square in St. Petersburg

Nearest subway stations: Admiralteyskaya, Nevsky, Gostiny Dvor

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Palace Square - a major tourist attraction of St. Petersburg. Making the Palace Square in St. Petersburg began in 1762. Start registration area was marked by the relocation of Peter III in the newly built Winter Palace. The entire area in front of the Winter Palace was littered with rubble and building materials. For quick cleaning of the future Palace Square in St. Petersburg, Peter the Third allow citizens to collect building materials for personal use without any fee. The result was not long in coming: the area was cleared by the morning.

Photo Alexander Column in the center of the square.

Photo Alexander Column in the center of the square.

At the beginning of the XIX century to the Palace Square finalizing the government bought all the homes adjacent to the square. In the years 1819-1829 the architect KI Rossi built in their place, the building of the General Staff. Two huge arc-shaped building in the classical style combines triumphal arch - a monument to commemorate the victory over Napoleon.

Photo Arch of the General Staff on Palace Square.

Photo Arch of the General Staff on Palace Square.

August 30, 1834 in the center of Palace Square installed Alexander Column in honor of Tsar Alexander I - Napoleon winner. The project is the famous monument was commissioned to the French architect Auguste Montferrand. The height of the Alexander Column (Alexander Column) 25.58 m, weight - 704 tons. Three years it took to carve a monument of rocks on the shore of the Gulf of Finland. More than 2,000 World War II veterans, soldiers in 1812 took part in the transportation by barge Alexander Column, while the on-site installation of the foundation under the column were scored 1250 piles height of 6 meters. Column is no fixed and held by its own gravity. With the installation of the uppermost point of the column angel figure, column height increased and reached 47.5 meters. Features an angel face, mounted on the Alexander Column, reminiscent of the features of the face of the Emperor Alexander I.

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