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Bronze Horseman in St. Petersburg

Place: Senate Square, St. Petersburg

The nearest subway stations: Admiralteyskaya, Sadovaya

Days and hours for visit: Monument to Peter the Great - The Bronze Horseman is located outdoors and is available for inspection round the clock and all year round


Bronze Horseman - one of the most famous monuments in St. Petersburg is located in the center of the city on the Neva River between the Annunciation and the Palace Bridge. Bronze Horseman - a monument to Peter the Great, the first Russian emperor, the founder of St. Petersburg.

Photo monument to Peter the First. Bronze Horseman.

Photo monument to Peter the First. Bronze Horseman.

Monument to Peter the Great was established August 7, 1782. Initially, he did not have a specific name, and got its present name after writing in 1833 Russian poet AS "The Bronze Horseman" by Pushkin's poem. Guidelines for the production of the monument to Peter the Great was charged Russian architect YM Felten. Model equestrian statue of Peter I was executed by the French EM skulputorom Falcone. Bronze Horseman, mandatory to visit the sights of St. Petersburg.

The pedestal on which was built the horse and rider Peter I searched for a long time, and only by post peasant Semyon Grigorievich Vishnyakov that near the village of Lahti have a suitable thunder-stone for the construction of the monument to Peter 1. The stone weighs 2,400 tons. Was made whole technology transportation thunder-stone, including arms and platforms, as well as physical labor, thousands of people who participated in the movement of the thunder-stone in the center of St. Petersburg. Most of the way was overcome at the purpose-built vessel for the Gulf of Finland and the Neva River to the place of installation.

The nearest sight is Saint Isaac's Cathedral

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