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Palace Bridge in St. Petersburg

Construction years: 1912 - 1917

The bridge belongs: Engineer AP Pshenitsky

Palace Bridge Length: 260 meters

Palace Bridge Width: 27.8 meters

Location: Palace Bridge connects the Arrow of Vasilyevsky Island from the Nevsky Prospekt and Palace St. Petersburg area.

The nearest stations of subway: Admiralteyskaya

Photo Palace Bridge in St. Petersburg.

Photo Palace Bridge in St. Petersburg.

In the foreground picture shows the central swing span Palace Bridge across the Neva river. Palace bridge connects the two banks of St. Petersburg. Right behind the Palace Bridge on the left is green facade with white columns - this is one of the main attractions of St. Petersburg - Winter Palace, once the residence of the Russian emperors and mayors. To the right of the bridge is located Admiralty building with a gilded spire height of over 70 meters.

The photo was taken from the University Embankment St. Petersburg, not far from the State University. Palace Bridge connects Nevsky Prospekt on the side of the Winter Palace and the Admiralty from Exchange Square and the Spit of Vasilyevsky Island, one of the main architectural ensembles of the city.

Palace Bridge connects not only the two banks of the Neva, and the main attractions of St. Petersburg. Along with them, the Palace Bridge is one of the most popular attractions of St. Petersburg: the end of April to the end of November each night swing mechanism comes into force, and the span of the bridge are being built up, passing under a ships and barges with high masts ... especially great to watch it sight in White nights - a special time, when the sun goes below the horizon on a very short time, so that in the night of 2-3 very light. White Nights in St. Petersburg start and end 11.06 02.07 - almost a month have the opportunity to walk around the city all day long.

By the way, if you do not want to stay at one of the banks of the Neva on the whole night, you should pre-record time of distributing the Palace Bridge, as well as other movable bridges of St. Petersburg.

Time wiring Palace Bridge: the first time 1:25 - 2:50, the second time that night 3:10 - 4:55.

Time wiring other St. Petersburg bridges is in Time layout of St. Petersburg bridge.

Photo divorced Palace Bridge in St. Petersburg.

Photo divorced Palace Bridge in St. Petersburg.

In the next photo submitted to the central Palace Bridge divorced span. On the right in the photo adorns the stately high gilded dome of St. Isaac's Cathedral. Pinkish-blue sky over a bridge and the nearest landmarks - one of the signs of the ensuing White Night. Hard to believe that the photographs show the beauty of St. Petersburg after midnight!

Attractions of St.-Petersburg near: Palace Square, Winter Palace (Hermitage), Arrow of Vasilievskiy Island

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